Introduction about ITTPC

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Introduction about ITTPC

English transaction name: Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Center of Binh Phuoc Province
Abbreviations: Binh Phuoc ITTPC

Binh Phuoc Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Center is a revenue-generating administrative and non-business unit under the Provincial People's Committee         The Center is under the direct management and direction of the People's Committee of Binh Phuoc province. The center has private legal entity, with its own seal and has its own account as prescribed by law.
The Center’s function comprises of advising and proposing, to the Provincial People's Committee, policies to foster investment, trade and tourism, organizing the implementation of investment, trade and tourism promotion activities, offering consultancy support for businesses, institutions and individuals to look for investment and manufacturing business opportunities in the provincial area in accordance with the law. 
          Binh Phuoc Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Center is managed by the Director and 01 assisting Deputy Director. These roles are managed by the Binh Phuoc Province People’s Committee. 

Tel Mobile
I Board of manager      
1  Trần Quốc Duy
2 Nguyễn Quang Hòa (Deputy Director) 0271.3818688
II Personnel-Administration  0271.3818666    
1 Lê Thị Kim Ngân
(Head of Department)
2 Trương Thị Khánh Vân   0916.685.777
3 Nguyễn Văn Hùng 0271.3818.664  0912.044.339
4 Lê Tuấn Phương   0946.020.009
5 Lê Thị Lan   0916.205.555
6 Phạm Thị Như Tuyền   0905.882.888
III Investment Promotion Department 0271.3818662    
1 Hà Ngọc Nhung 
(Head of Department)
2 Đậu Thị Ngân   0976.412.405
3 Nguyễn Thị Lan   0912.544.017
IV Tourism Promotion  Department 0271.3818665    
1 Nguyễn Anh Hùng (Depute Head of Department)   0848.176.189
2 Hoàng Minh Nguyệt   0916.889.379
3 Lê Công Tín   0973.183.193
V Consulting Services  Department      
1 Trương Thị Quỳnh
(Depute Head of Department)
2 Võ Thanh Phong   0983.007.439
VI Trade Promotion  Department 0271.3818669    
1 Trịnh Hùng Sơn (Depute Head of Department)   0919.842.379
2 Hứa Thị Trúc Loan   0933.812.090
In addition to the above mentioned departments, the Center has information from bulletin, via the website; direct and online communication channels with businesses, etc.

* Functions – Tasks
Participating in the development of the province's investment, trade and tourism promotion programs and projects in each phase, submitting them to the Provincial People's Committee for approval, as well as organizing the implementation of those programs and projects after they are approved.
Advising, proposing to the Provincial People's Committee mechanisms and policies pertaining to investment promotion, trade and tourism; establishing a database on the province's potentials; as well as promoting, disseminating incentive policies on investment, trade, inland and abroad tourism activities, in order to attract the attention of investment by businesses and institutions.
Assisting the Provincial People's Committee in coordinating with relevant agencies and institutions such as: Vietnam Trade Office abroad, Embassies, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, compliance training institutions, foreign partners to Vietnam with related activities in accordance with the law to collect information, research, forecast, orient, develop markets, consumer and export goods, identify and suggest solutions to deal with trade barriers for exports of the province; supporting establishing brand names of goods of the province and of businesses.
Coordinating with domestic and abroad departments in developing an annual, 5-year local Marketing strategy to promote the image and people of Binh Phuoc.
Coordinating with departments, agencies and local authorities in setting up portfolios for attracting annual investment, based on investment fields; and / or areas.
Coordinating with Economic Zone Authority, Department of Industry and Trade,  Land Fund Development Center in mobilizing and promoting project investment in accordance with planning in economic zones, industrial parks, industrial clusters, land reserve for industrial development managed by units, in order to take charge in promoting effectively investment, trade and tourism.
Collecting, exploiting, analyzing, forecasting, providing and disseminating information on the market, socio-economic status of the province; collecting information on domestic and exports market research, customers, current policies and conducting activities to attract trade and tourism, to foster investment, trade and tourism; acknowledging information in regards to the supply - demand capability of the market, to form a data bank on trade and tourism of the province.
Being a focal point to receive and guide investment procedures and records, coordinating with authorities specialized in investment procedures such as: Department of Planning and Investment, Department of Industry and Trade, Economic Zone Authority, Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Construction, Tax Department to organize promotion activities on investment, trade, inland and foreign tourism; to look for and build partnership programs for inland and foreign tourism; creating  opportunities to involve businesses in the implementation.
Supporting businesses in the province to search and get access to the medium and long-term financial sources of banking institutions, investment support funds...; building and developing brand names of Vietnamese goods; building showrooms to introduce export products; assist enterprises and investors in administrative procedures during the implementation of investment projects.
Guiding and consulting individuals, domestic economic institutions and foreign partners on how to select partners for investment, conduct joint venture, negotiate, or receive projects in accordance with the laws; procedures for establishing domestic and foreign entities.
Organizing market surveys and research; holding or co-holding fairs and exhibitions for trade and tourism, export exhibitions within and outside the province; holding or participating in conferences and seminars on promotion of investment, trade and tourism.
Organizing the reception, arranging programs for foreign entities, organizations and agencies to come visit the province to learn about its investment, trade and tourism environment; provide or introduce services to domestic and foreign businesses such as renting offices, conference rooms, secretarial, interpretational and professional services, businesses meet-and-greets.
Organizing or coordinating training and refresher courses on improving professional capacity for managers of investment, trade and tourism businesses in the province.
Consulting and supporting entities to set up trade and tourism representative offices in the country and abroad, showrooms and shops selling products in accordance with the law; organizing or assisting the delegations in market research, attendance at fair, exhibitions, domestic and foreign seminars; participating in consulting on policies, investment consultancy and incentive solutions, providing business legal and technical services.
Issuing news, editions on investment and trade environment - exports, imports and tourism; participating in the publishing of the provincial economic editions in accordance with the law for promotional campaigns and trade and tourism products advertisements.
Providing public services via the Center's digital information system; participating in the implementation of e-commerce portals to meet the needs of online buying, selling and consulting provincial investment procedures, projects, product brands and tourism attraction, eco-tourism areas to assist organizations and individuals seeking information.
Performing other tasks related to investment, trade and tourism promotion delegated by the Provincial People’s Committee, the Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee.


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